Lift Ticket Advice Video

We thought we would share a little tid bit about lift ticket prices. This is a handy video we found that we thought we would share. The 2015 season is at a close but we will still post useful information like this video. Please keep us in mind for the 2015-2016 ski and snowboard season. Remember to stay in practice and active in the summer months. Hiking, mountain biking, and running will keep you in great shape for the next snow season.

We love skiing and snowboarding and we will continue to bring you the best deals in lift tickets. In the meantime check out this video, stay thirsty, and hit the mountains hard next year! See you on the slopes!


The Latest Lift Ticket Deals For Your Favorite Snow Resort

Here at HotTicket700 we give you the latest info on discount deals for your favorite resorts across the nation. We scour the internet to find you the best deals so you can ski or snowboard without having to visit the pawnshop first! We appreciate what the resorts do to keep us skiing, but we also want to pinch those precious pennies in the process.

We cover resorts from coast weeks to coast, every mountain range, every skill level. We update our site about every two weeks with the best deals we can find. We will also supply a little information about the resort in case you are unfamiliar. Of course it’s always best to plan ahead and get your season passes as soon as they are available, however this is not always the case for everyone.

Often one does not know exactly where the winter storms will be best. Sometimes you may think you are going to spend most of your powder days in one state or one resort, but then plans change…that’s where we come in.

We specialize in the buddy passes, the mini passes, the gas station or grocery store deals. Discount websites and lift ticket sites. Special promotional passes for certain times of the year. Yeah we are clever about what we find and we just dont say “you should have gotten your ticket early bub”.

We will also find which passes are the best, and include the most value. We maximize you dollar so you can ride more. We also look for other stuff like the best reviewed snowboard brands, the best reviewed ski brands, and the latest in new ski or snowboard technology.

Most are not aware that ski resorts sell tickets at a discount much like airlines, but most people do not know where to look. Most lift tickets are bought at the ticket window but so much is offered in other places too. You just need to know where to look, to us!

Like a hotel room or plane tickets, the demand for lift tickets depend on many “day to day” factors. Resorts cannot control many all the factors that create deal making situations like bad weather, low interest, economy, but they have full control over the pricing of their tickets.

Other similar industries, a strategy known as “dynamic pricing” is common. Prices for plane tickets change daily and motivates customers to purchase early. They hope this will secure their deal so they can be there to cut aunt Mertha’s turkey, or be there for their nieces first Christmas. All ticket industries know this but people, just like the weather, are very unpredictable. This is when they have to offer more deals, more incentives, which all means money in your pocket!

So let us help you with your deal making skills and secure your goal of hitting those glorious powder days at your favorite local resort. Hey, it’s kinda what we do! Stay savvy my friends and look to Hot Ticket 700 to find you that much anticipated lift ticket deal!